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Communication in the cognitive era

COGGY is an internationally connected and working communications agency based in Germany. We are focussing on inventive conceptual work, creative ideas, high-quality project execution and long-term reliability. Our communicational products are reaching costumers in China, Germany, France, the UK, Brazil, Eastern Europe, Saudia Arabia, Austria or Switzerland.

Creatively processing your communications

COGGY is specialized in corporate and institutional communications. In information architecture, video production, graphic design, web design, content creation, or the development of a communication strategy. COGGY is an experienced and proven partner for everyday business needs as well as for challenging tasks.

Human communication is subject to permanent evolution. This requires permanent adjustment processes and constant reconfigurations of an agency's portfolio and profile. We are undertaking efforts to permanently improve our abilities – visually, cognitively and communicatively. This is the key to our success and an approach our clients can build upon.

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